Additive Manufacturing — 3D solutions that help you to optimize your additive manufacturing workflow!

K.K. IRISU helps you to understand, define and optimize the process behind your Additive Manufacturing workflow.

In order to understand the potential of Additive Manufacturing, it is crucial to understand the technologies behind the processes, as well as their advantages and their limitations. There are many different 3D technology solutions covering each step of the additive manufacturing workflow — from design to the final part. However, whether the final part is a quick prototype or a final functional part, the general process does not change. But the parts built and the materials used have an impact on their characteristics and their application area. K.K. IRISU helps you to understand, define and optimize the process behind your Additive Manufacturing workflow.
Please find below a summary of our solutions & services for Additive Manufacturing including technical data and 3D engineering processes which will help you to successfully implement a qualified Additive Manufacturing production and create valuable business cases.

Roboze ONE and +400 available at the K.K. IRISU showroom. 3D printing with a large range of materials such as PLA, ABS (ESD), PP, Nylon, PC, Glass PA, Ultem 9085, Carbon PA, Carbon PP, PEEK & Carbon PEEK.


Feel free to download our brochures. We offer expertise and production equipment for 3D solutions and for a variety of product sizes and materials.

AIM3D - Case Study (Socket Adapter) JP
AIM 3D - ExAM255 Brochure JP
BigRep Edge Brochure
BigRep Filaments Brochure JP

BigRep MXT Factsheet JP
BigRep PRO ご案内冊子
BigRep ONE ご案内資料
BigRep PRO Brochure JP

BigRep STUDIO ご案内資料
BigRep Brochure Large-Scale Printing
Bionic Propeller eBook JP
DB eBook JP

FreeScan X5/X7 - Handheld 3D Laser Scanner
Geiger eBook JP - Fast Custom Concrete
OptimScan 3M5M - High End Industry Inspection
Paravan eBook JP - Vehicle Customization

Roboze One Brochure
Roboze One+400 Brochure
Roboze ご案内冊子
Steelcase eBook JP

Teignbridge eBook JP - Large Metal Cast Patterns
The vila eBook JP
VilleroyBoch eBook JP
Modulor-Wall eBook - 3D Printed Sensor

Botspot eBook new JP
Botspot General Catalog JP
Light SPEE3D Brochure JP
Magazine AMPI 2018

Magazine AMS JP Oct 2018
Magazine Ecommerce JP Oct 2018
Magazine Enterprise JP Oct 2018
Spec sheet AM JP

TDS Roboze ARGO 500
TDS RobozeOne Xtreme
AM Power Vol.1 EN

AM Power Vol.2 EN


For further questions or arrangements please contact our 3D team:

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