Roboze enters Japanese market with K.K. IRISU partnership

The Tokyo-based industrial equipment supplier will debut Roboze's 3D printing solutions in Japan this week

Tess Boissonneault February 5, 2019

Italian 3D printer manufacturer Roboze is undeniably on the rise. In December, the company reported the securing of a €3M investment and its expectations to see growth of up to 500% in 2019. Today, the company is signalling its commitment to this growth by announcing its entry into the Japanese 3D printing market through a collaboration with K.K. IRISU, a Tokyo-based industrial equipment supplier.

To kick off the partnership, K.K. IRISU will be presenting Roboze’s 3D printing solutions at the 30th Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo in Tokyo this week. The event, which begins tomorrow, February 6, will mark the first time Roboze’s 3D printing products have been debuted in Japan.

“Our main objective is to educate the Japanese market in additive manufacturing and to continue to be the solution provider for the Japanese manufacturing world,” said Kayne K Ikeda from K.K. IRISU’s 3D printing department. “In particular, we intend to help our customers in introducing technologies and materials that are able to produce functional and finished parts for advanced applications. For this reason we chose Roboze.

“Thanks to its 3D printing technology for composites and high temperature super polymers, we can offer our customers in automotive, aerospace and electronics sectors, the possibility to produce finished components, that can be used in the assembly lines and in products with extreme requirements.”

As Ikeda suggests, K.K. IRISU plans to use Roboze’s AM solutions to promote the use of 3D printing in various industrial sectors, including aerospace, automotive, electronics and industrial manufacturing. Specifically, the company will leverage Roboze’s PEEK 3D printing capabilities, as well as Carbon PA and carbon fiber reinforced polyamide—some of the FDM 3D printing industry’s strongest materials.

Up until now, the Japanese industrial company—founded in 1859—has mainly used 3D printing for prototyping parts using conventional plastic materials. By adding Roboze solutions to its portfolio, the company says it will be able to not only prototype but produce functional components from high performance materials for its clients.

“We are excited for this new great partnership,” added Alessio Lorusso, Founder and CEO of Roboze. “[The] Asian market belongs to a very high segment and had already demonstrated to be a target market for Roboze. We’ve worked in South Korea for more than a year, in industries like automotive and electronics. This partnership with K.K. IRISU in Japan will allow to spread Roboze technology in key sectors for global business, where our solutions represent a turning point.

“We see great opportunities in particle physics, we’ve already confirmed that our PEEK is suitable for the production of pieces in accelerators. We believe that the Japanese automotive activity can find in our composites a valuable element to speed up and improve the production processes, in addition to help in the development of new products. The aeronautics and electronics sectors represent important markets for our 3D printing technology for high temperature composites and super polymers.”



Roboze part 3D printed from PEEK

Source: 3D Printing Media Network