"Our employees form ILLIES' very core and driving force."

C. Michael Illies - President & CEO

K.K. IRISU (ILLIES) – working with leading technology providers

Ever since its establishment 160 years ago, K.K. IRISU (ILLIES) has dedicated itself to the introduction of innovative industrial machines and technical goods from overseas to Japan, thereby contributing to the remarkable modernization of this country. We pride ourselves in identifying and providing world-leading technology from overseas that cannot be found in Japan. The products we deliver support our customers in their continuous strive for improvement and state-of-the art production processes, in accordance with the globally renowned Japanese culture of MONOZUKURI.

K.K. IRISU’s (ILLIES) reliability and our commitment to full customer satisfaction are highly valued by our demanding business partners, and contribute to the excellent domestic reputation of our firm. Our offering goes far beyond the import of cutting-edge technologies: K.K. IRISU’s (ILLIES) services range from the design of innovative industrial marketing campaigns to the implementation of challenging turn-key projects and the provision of sophisticated after-sales services.

At K.K. IRISU (ILLIES) we recognize our people as the core asset of our operations. We therefore put large emphasis on investing into the capabilities of our colleagues and in providing a pleasant and supportive work environment. Our team spirit and values are the foundation of our firm.  

As member of the ILLIES GROUP, we are embedded in a group of 12 offices in six countries across Asia, as well as a corporate office in Hamburg, Germany. With such extensive international support, and the excellent capabilities of our local staff, K.K. IRISU (ILLIES) pursues its mission day by day: exceeding the high expectations of our Japanese customers, both domestically and overseas.

Apply today!

Our affiliated company in Japan K.K. IRISU has the following vacancies:

MP3 Sales Manager - Printing Machinery

Sales Assistant  Manager - Industrial Machinery

Service Engineer - Printing Machinery

We are constantly hiring qualified technical and talented sales professionals. Contact us today to learn more about our present openings, details of career prospects, and benefits!

Please send your application and CV (English & Japanese) to tyo-recruiting@illies.de


  • A stable company with 160-year track record
  • Family-owned and managed by the fifth generation
  • Strong presence in Asia’s fast growing metropolitan cities and growth hubs
  • Involvement in cutting-edge technologies
  • Working with industry leaders across Asia and Europe
  • International job environment
  • Team-oriented work culture
  • Good career prospects and attractive remuneration packages