K.K.IRISU – BigRep’s 3D Printer Webinar

K.K.IRISU’s 3D Team is organizing a webinar for “BigRep” machines as following dates. For your convenience, there are total 4 session available with admission free. Your attendance is much appreciated.



On October 21, Wednesday    10 : 00 – 11 : 00  / 14 : 00 – 15 : 00

On October 22, Thursday         10 : 00 – 11 : 00  / 14 : 00 – 15 : 00


  1. Introduction of BigRep and BigRep Printers
  2. Introduction of BigRep filaments and slicer, case studies
  3. A question and answer session

In the first half, we will mainly talk about the features of BigRep's 3d printer. In the second half, we will introduce the features of various materials, slicers, and activities at companies which has introduced BigRep machine.

Register here: https://willap.jp/p/acc_1273/3D_Webinar/


About BigRep GmbH

With the mission of developing new transformation of existing 3D printing business, BigRep has successfully broken into new ground for large scale modeling filed.  The company is consisted of engineers and technical staff by two-third.  With their strength of expertness and know-how,  BigRep is the leading company in Additive Manufacturing.


K.K.IRISU’s 3D team will continuously organize a webinar 2 times / month basis with free of charge.

Your continuous participation is highly appreciated.